Listed below are a few questions answered by Newport Isles Management on gated community related issues.

What’s your parking policy?
  • The HOA is allowed to tell residents not to park their cars on the street. Commercial vehicles are not allowed to be parked on the premises overnight

What does Newport Isles offer?

  • A unique neighborhood, Newport Isles delivers on a true luxury home experience within a gated community

Who takes care of the landscaping areas?

  • All of the common landscaping (meaning landscaping outside the private backyards) is maintained by Advantage Property Management

What is the profile of a typical Newport Isles’ ?

  • Single professionals
  • Single parents
  • Two-income couples
  • Older adults and seniors
  • Pet owners
  • Childless/small families

 Who maintains the property?

  • Newport Isles is maintained by a professional property management company

Are pets welcome in Newport Isles?

  • Yes. Residents are allowed up to two pets, with size and breed restrictions. Additional fees and restrictions may apply

Where can I see photos of Newport Isles Homes?

Is this considered private property and we can bar specific contractors from our premise?

  • Yes...The community is under control of a homeowners' association